The way of Amethyst Yoga

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Master Dorje Shiayvam Atothas reveals some of his most powerful techniques, called Amethyst Yoga, which he has practiced in secret for several years and now he's going to share.

You were born in Italy, you have never left Europe and until a few months ago you were a perfect unknown subject among exoterists and teachers of spirituality.

How did it come about that you thought of spreading this discipline?

Who do you think you are?

By what authority are you acting as a Yoga teacher?


I'll answer with a statement.

There is a statement (whose author I don't remember) that says: "You can become only what you already are".

This affirmation may seem like a contradiction, but - as in each apparent contradiction - you just have to raise the viewpoint and you'll be able to find a sense.

I carry within me the memories of several past incarnations in East (in Tibet formerly, in India recently), during which I was engaged in activity of apostolate.  Amethyst yoga

I'm not the only person with this background. Other individuals are like me, but very few of them know that.

This condition doesn't exempt you from the work that you've to do on yourself: you bring a nucleous, so-called "soul", which preserves certain knowledge. But all your conscious side, from the physical body (with the brain), to emotional and mental layers, has to be cleansed anew.  AMETHYST YOGA
Have you ever seen the painting by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel (Rome), in which God (represented as an old man with a beard) and man meet?   AMETHYST YOGA
The arms are almost completely extended, theirs hands are near to touch each other, and if the arms would tend a bit better, certainly the hands would meet and hold each other.
I've always seen in this picture, rather than the encounter between man and God, an attempt of reunification between our samsaric being (body, mind, and emotions, often called "the personality", what esoterisms consider unreal, something to undress, a not inherent "I") and the soul, the divine spark that brings in itself the divine Wisdom and the memory of all the past.
For doing this, cause for this reunion, which is a leap in consciousness where you come to hear soul and to look with the eyes of the soul, you have to study, to read, to look into yourself ad develope insight. You have to use the mind, to make it flexible and open to countless possibilities; we could say, open to every opportunity, where the contradictions are allowed.
But not for all this activity is pleasant and inviting.
What would cause a child to read spiritual books instead of going to enjoy playing ball, or (later) attending companies until late in the evening and enjoy the experience of smoking, alcohol and fornication?
To preserve these possible deviations from the path (which would not lead to the reunification of the two hands most representative in the painting), we think the so-called "karma".
If you live lightly, in balanced circumstances, it's easy to be influenced by the environment and to be subdued by lower chakras and emotions. If you happen this, you're lost in existence.
But if, in contrast, you find yourself in a difficult environment to grow, if (for reasons I will not explain) everything goes wrong and you - as in my case - remains isolated and marginalized for over a decade, that it begins to ask "why?".
But no one knows the answer why.
At the end, try to do it.
You start reading, and going deepen.

At that point, something happens, and a system of knowledge arises, which makes the mind open to new ideas and possibilities.

I won't spend time now to talk about the several interpretations of karma (since the Higher Intelligences have revealed us that karma derives from either cosmic laws and a "self-judgment" that comes from the higher parts of our own Self).The important thing is that what we call in this way, it generates the correct circumstances because a certain embodied soul continues in its evolutionary growth. This is more than sufficient for those who should embrace, understand.

You study, there is documented, we learn the theory, we said. Gradually, the theory is followed by the tasting of practice, and it happens that raised the sail, the boat leaves without saying, thrust in the direction of the wind.

Recently, in the channels I have searched through different channelers (just in order to find evidence, questioning strangers absolutely ignorant on the subject of the request) are aware of this aspect. On such occasions, the Intelligent Energy from which the message originated, they explained to me that the knowledge derived from the experience of every incarnation lived on earth, is recorded in a part of us which we can access at any time. We can call it "cellular memory" and someone calls her DNA.

Well, trunking ports as I have explained myself in different memories of lives lived as a guru, together with all the wisdom gained through these experiences, which already took me more than once (in such lives or upon their completion) the threshold of the so-called Nirvana and access to different states of being and existence.


Do you know, therefore, the immense Eastern cultural heritage, nowadays ​​available also for Western people?

Certainly. I know it, or rather, I might say that I've remembered it, since already in past lives it had been the object of my knowledge and my experience.


Why was it necessary to found a new yogic technique,  in this enormous and varios landscape of all the existing ones?


Undoubtedly, there is so much material. Too much, perhaps, especially if - I do not want to - we consider the average actual spiritual condition of the people who live in the places where these cultures have flourished and have been practiced, but also many people who practice and teach a day d 'today.

Just as there are many buddhismi (each school has opened its own path, so that I would talk more buddhismi), we find even more chaos in the culture of India.

Yet, beneath this fragmentation (undeniable), who has found courage and patience to study and then try to practice a bit 'of these paths, he realized that the core of all these teachings is always the same.

Rediscover, rediscover a dimension of self that, in the normal human life on earth, naturally tends to be buried, and to make us live under conditioning, imprisoned, as under hypnosis.

The Sulphur - wrote an alchemist - was held under the power of Mercury, which in turn is in a dark prison of Saturn which holds the keys. Symbolic expression that he was, in fact, represent the human condition: the imprisonment of the soul in the waters of the plan (and body) Astral - emotional, which in turn kept bound by the dark prison of the physical body.

Saturn is, in a sense, matter, by some alchemists called the "mine", where you need to go to pull and undo what you are looking for.Mine is also spoken nell'Amethyst Yoga: everyone will have to release their crystal. Wanting to leave rigorous, its Amethyst, which represents the soul, the drop of light present in each, whose discovery may allow a spiritual progress even further.

But I've already revealed too much on the subject of alchemy and symbols on concepts that were and should remain hidden.

All spiritual currents, not only Eastern but also Western esoteric (although worse preserved), have always been oriented in this direction.

What I and the heavenly intelligences who accompany me to do in this phase of history, is to simplify. Helping people of the twenty-first century to work on himself (with full respect for the soul level already achieved) using the core of every ancient teaching, without the risk of getting lost in the maze of a thousand different doctrines, tens of degrees and levels of outcomes for proceeding to the next step.

It will make the same things, you will reach the same goals, but in a more simple and clear, although it is certainly less strong and intense. It can be done. And 'better.


And 'because of this his incarnation in Tibet who calls himself Dorje? Do not think you have a little 'too much to have given such a name (attribute of gods and great Tibetan guru) without belonging to any lineage?        AMETHYST YOGA

I confirm that this is the reason of the name.

Absolutely I do not feel guilty. In the higher levels from which our individual identities are manifested, the respect that he wanted me here is perfectly aware of my decision to attribute to the name, and in one country (Italy) where there is the principle of freedom of thought, it is in my own right attribute to such a pseudonym.

Moreover, the teaching that propose, as derived from oriental techniques, brings a new name (Amethyst Yoga) just to avoid myself as a person who is preparing to teach a method which has never been started. I am in possession of all the initiations of the case, but I got them or astral or soul level. Both of these solutions do not settle the minds of men who are looking for some parameter to be able to trust a teacher. It 'just that way and that's why I leave the names of the Eastern techniques to those who are part of its lineages.


What is the primary purpose of Amethyst Yoga?


Main purpose of Amethyst Yoga is to free people from suffering (as in this life I freed myself), in order to achieve a state of being and consciousness in which you can experience a sense of freedom. This means to become the master and lord of himself, finally above the conditioning of (our, or somehow "other's") thoughts and emotionsThis - with the exception of different developements - is the main purpose, and I think it's already a quite ambitious project.


Could you exceptionally reveal us what are some of the techniques you use and teach to help your pupils?


Unfortunately I can't reveal too much about Amethyst Yoga by this way. Amethyst Yoga are not always pleasant to practice, since we are forced to have a confrontation with our emotions, especially with those we carry within ourselves from previous lives (and, in case the pratictioner is a lightworker, they can be thousand-year-old). Amethyst Yoga  Amethyst Yoga Amethyst Yoga

Also we're going to work with an energy (which I'll impart the initiation) which will have a particularly solvent effectiveness.

A generic Amethyst Yoga technique, similar to meditation, may to visualize light descending from heaven, entering the head, passing throughout the body, in all its smallest part, while - as an acid - it melts and cleans all the impurities, both those deposited on the surface (thoughts, "negative", curses, curses scagliateci him from other people; larvae, elementals, etc.) and those internal, self-produced by ourselves.  Amethyst Yoga     Amethyst Yoga     Amethyst Yoga    Amethyst Yoga

The awareness should follow the entrance of the Light and be discussed with the his "melt" in the mental body, the astral body, the etheric body and the physical worlds, warning (always better in time) the "burning" of the chemical reaction, the transmutation act in every part of the body.

This exercise should be matched to a certain type of breathing and combined with certain statements, but may already be practiced so, daily, in order to keep more clean their own energy and eliminate the waste of mutation.   AMETHYST YOGA


How would you advise a teenager, but also to an adult who does not leave the house for days and can not touch no food for sufferings of love, perhaps for the suffering of abandonment or rejection?


I would say first of all (and I will say, if the occasion should arise) that what they are experiencing is the right experience for his life at that moment. As should be very tactful in doing this, you should know: all spiritual paths agree on the need for an embodied soul, irrespective of his developmental level already reached by past incarnations, to return to work again in the denser layers , before recovering.

And 'the so-called solve et coagula of the alchemists, who - always talking in symbols - they recognized that it was not usually need only one process of transmutation to clear the whole divine essence that is contained in saturnine. Therefore, after the entire operation, in which the soul principle would ascend, would have risen to the top (in the heavens, in the heavens, so if you want to talk about it), residuava the risk - especially if the rise had taken place in a manner type of creed and religious-mystical - that you bring in the ascent of some impurities also not completely transmuted. For this reason, very often, even after an ascent, it would be necessary a new descent (incarnation), which go back to work, again in contact with all sizes, to extract new quintessence (increase his wisdom, light, power ) and purification - transmutation of waste.

For this, the first step is to understand that certain experiences, purely human, are to be done and are the basis to be able to proceed further in self-purification work that will lead to a gradual dissolution of attachment to certain situations.

Adolescent disappointed to have heard a "no", or even worse, fasting for days for an abandonment, closed to cry in the room surrounded by his family and desperate, I would recommend the experience to treasure at that precise moment.

Should sit down, take a few deep breaths, and devote all their energies simply to listen to how unpleasant it can be to state.

Observed inside and out. Savor each sensation associated with pain and despair.

These energies, in fact, should be known. At that precise moment, that soul is increasing its wisdom in some part of it, and it is good to know.

We did not come here to let us marvel at the illusions of Maya, create us attachments and desires, and these desires always feel an answer "yes." The reason for our coming, ever, for anyone, is another.

So continuing observation, it is important to understand such a person already in the same moment when you realize you observe, it is not itself what is being viewed. And 'something different. It is not that pain.

It behind them will be the subject of a work - also for reasons of health and safety - it is not possible to explain in writing. Amethyst Yoga, in such situations, is to first dissolve the ties and processes (including, attachments and expectations) that led the person to be so dominated by external events, so as to bring it to make itself the energies of a huge pain as a result of free choice (wise or foolish it may be) of another. But the simple fact of observing and becoming aware that it is lived at that moment the right experience for your elevation, and that the "key" to proceed is to take note without reacting, and that while watching it there was already posted from it, is a passage that is very often essential to open the view to the continuation of the path that the soul will have to do, and that is the reason why he wanted this incarnation.

This same person, years later, as now in a very different level of the way, could find themselves in similar events or the same persons meet again and laugh.

But not only.

From this new state of being achieved, it might even itself - we refer to exceptional cases, in which there must be a valid reason for higher order enacted "from above" - sit at the counter "direction" and influence such human dynamics, through operations on the energies, so as to fix any problems that have arisen for the highest interest of all. Having fully understood the illusory nature of the events themselves, and having also detached from any bond and attachment to them, may act by bringing and keeping his consciousness in a state of emptiness and perfect balance, without passions and without patterns, and so free transfer from any karmic consequence.

From this state, it could even fit in the affairs of others, and then stop emotional stories, or cause attraction in a person against the other in order to push events in a certain direction. But (omitted precisely the cases of a "task" to be carried out, a case that almost never happens) a person can come to this realization, would see an opportunity or would experience still need to get your hands on a plan so dense?

Everything will melt into a smile.

The smile of the Buddha.





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